Krav Maga Level Four Curriculum


  • Kicks/Strikes
    • Jump Kicks (front, back and round house)
    • Heel hook kick
  • Kick Defenses
    • Sliding defense against high round house and spinning heel
    • Kick defense for spinning heel kick
    • Kick defenses from the ground (stomp and punt)
  • Krav techniques
    • Headlock, spinning to ground
    • Headlock, breaking back
    • Headlock, attacker jumping on back
  • Stick Defenses
    • Overhead, off angle
  • Knife Defenses
    • Over hand
    • Under hand
    • Straight stab
    • Shank
    • Hockey punch
  • Handgun Defenses
    • Gun from front, shoulder held or punched
    • Gun in front of arm, touching
    • Gun from front, pushing into stomach
    • Cupping, front
    • Hostage on knees, cupping
    • Cupping, right side of head
    • From mount
    • From guard
    • Attacker standing over
  • Takedowns/Takedown defenses
    • Simple
    • Double leg
    • Toe pick
    • Sprawls
  • Ground
    • Rear naked choke application
    • Rear naked choke defense
    • Arm Triangle
    • Triangle choke
    • Leg lock


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The composite Executive Self-defense and Fitness curriculum is available to current students.