COVID Response Detail

COVID Response Detail

1. All equipment and contact surfaces are sanitized before and after each private lesson, class and seminar.

2. Any person entering the facility must be symptom free and if any symptoms are present must exit facility. The facility is then re sanitized. 

3. Any persons, whether symptomatic or no, that is deemed suspect is administered a temperature check and if questionable is excused from the facility. The facility is then re sanitized.  

4. All persons are expected to fully communicate any outside exposure to COVID at any time, and excuse themselves from training until a negative testing is obtained or a minimum duration of time, determined by current CDC guidelines, has passed. 

5. While in the training facility, the liberal use of personal sanitizer is encouraged throughout (provided). 

6. In addition to the constant, continuous cleaning everyday, the facility and equipment are deep cleaned weekly. 

There are further safety and sanitation items, but this gives good idea of our commitment to sanitation.  These standards to our environment are not new. A clean, safe environment for training is what we have ALWAYS provided. 

If you have specific questions, please ask. CONTACT EXECUTIVE

Thank you. 

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