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Think owning a gun is all the protection you need?

The fact is, innocent gun owners go to jail every day for exercising their right of self-defense.

Don’t let it happen to you!

Know when you can use deadly force in self-defense, and with Texas Law Shield, you are prepared for any legal aftermath.


    • Coverage If You Use a Gun, Whether You Pull the Trigger or Not
    • 24/7 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
    • Legal Representation Anywhere in Texas for Criminal and Civil Proceedings
    • Updates on Firearms Laws
    • Special Offers Only Available to Our Members
    • Multistate Coverage Available For All 50 States
    • Bail/Bond Coverage Up To $25,000
    • Not A Useless Reimbursement Scheme
    • Includes Coverage for Use of All Legal Weapons
    • Legal Protection for Accidental and Unintended Discharge


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