• Prefer One-on-One Training?

    If you prefer a more personalized program, we will customize training that fits your needs and at your pace.

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  • Training for Corporate Teams

    Provide your executives and staff with self-defense training so that they can be protected while traveling or in any situation.

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  • Law Enforcement Training

    Executive Self Defense provides Krav Maga training for law enforcement and other first responders.

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  • Arnis weapons training

    Weapons Training

    Head Instructor, A. Tabei teaches defense and use of a variety of weapons.

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  • Many types of training are available

    Krav Maga Self-defense, Arnis Weapons Training, LEO Training/DT, MMA Conditioning, Fitness & More.

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  • Certified and Experienced Instructors

    The Instructors at Executive Self-defense and Fitness are highly certified, experienced professionals.

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Private Lessons. Group Classes. Seminars. Corporate.


Empowering others with skill, knowledge and the self-confidence to handle potentially life threatening or difficult situations and achieve their goals at any age. *Law Enforcement DT*Civilian Self-defense Against Unarmed and Armed Attackers*Weapons Training*Krav Maga *FMA *

The aim of Executive Self-defense and Fitness' reality based self-defense training is to increase the participant's skill set, physical preparedness, self-confidence and mental preparedness for a violent encounter. The training at ESDF allows people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve a higher level of proficiency, awareness, and abilities within a relatively short period of time. The training utilizes the body’s natural instincts and reflexes in a “fight or flight” situation and transforms them into effective self-defense therefore eliminating the need to “memorize” techniques. ESDF offers Krav Maga Self-defense, Weapons Training, Law Enforcement DT and Modules, Combat Arts, Youth Training, MMA Conditioning, Fitness, Warrior Motivation and Coaching.... Private... Group ... Corporate ... Event... Certification...

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See what our many clients are saying about their training experiences.

Law Enforcement

This training will consider the use of force & response to resistance from the law enforcement perspective.

Seminars and Events

Training is available through Seminars & Events. See a list of available event and training dates.

Private & Group Training

In private lessons you get individualized training to address your immediate concerns.

Class & Training Photos

Self-defense training class and participation photos.









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