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Self-defense training for employees and employers or corporate teams at the office. Learn to protect yourself for travel, area, situation and more.

Instruction available in U.S. and International. 469-777-6621

Workplace training…

Many businesses are providing self-defense training for their employees. Perhaps the area has changed, the employees travel a great deal or recent events have alarmed them. By providing this training, employers are finding the benefits of having empowered, confident team members will carry over in a positive way into productivity levels, communications and more.

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“Andrea, Oh my goodness your instruction exceeded every one’s expectations times a billion!! You were so amazing with the group they could not stop talking about it. I was receiving thank you texts up until 9pm last night! This group is used to ball games, bowling and happy hours for their team building events so I think everyone thought my idea was lame and didn’t know what to expect. The fact that you were able to get them all to participate and they relax immediately was such a great thing to watch. What an experience!! I have been trying to think of other groups I am involved with or know that I can recommend your class to. I will pass on your information to everyone I can think of. I truly appreciate you doing that for us yesterday and I am positive we all learned a lot. I know I did. Thank you thank you thank you!” – Wendy, DalTile

Instruction available in U.S. and International. 469-777-6621. Additional Testimonials 

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