Executive Self Defense and Fitness - Street smart self-defense for everyone.

The Executive Self Defense and Fitness Philosophy

The aim of ESDF reality-based self-defense training is to increase the participant’s skill set, physical preparedness, self-confidence and mental preparedness for a violent encounter. The training at ESDF allows people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve a higher level of proficiency, awareness, and abilities within a relatively short period of time. The training utilizes the body’s natural instincts and reflexes in a “fight or flight” situation and transforms them into effective self-defense therefore eliminating the need to “memorize” techniques. ESDF offers Krav Maga Self-defense, Weapons Training, Law Enforcement DT and Modules, Combat Arts, Youth Training, MMA Conditioning, Fitness, Warrior Motivation and Coaching…. Private… Group … Corporate … Event… Certification…


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Executive Self Defense Krav Maga & Weapons Training