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“After sitting behind the desk for over 15 years, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and left with a feeling of vulnerability in my abilities to protect myself, my family, and my brothers and sister in red and blue. I created this situation through the lack of continued training in defensive tactics and through the failure to maintain a proper fitness level that is necessary to do the job. Since I began my training at ESDF, I have gained both the confidence to perform my protective duties as a father, husband, and public servant, as well as, positioned my self in a state of fitness that I haven’t seen since I was last in the field. Andrea provides a non intimidating  learning environment while teaching practical techniques in self defense that can be used on the job or on the streets and encourages physical health and fitness through the variety of programs that she offers at ESDF.” – B. Roach*

“I’ve been a police officer for 20 years. In 20 years my law enforcement career has provided minimal defensive tactics training. I recently began a search on my own for something that would supplement the basic training I’ve been exposed to through my career. What I’ve found with Andrea Tabei at Executive Self-defense and Fitness has proved to be far more than a supplement!” – R. Harrison*

“This made me start to think about dangerous situations in a different way. I’ve always been ‘nice’ so I felt that [trying to] hide would be my first reaction… , but now I feel empowered to fight back.” – C.C. *

“Andrea, How great you have been: Most tolerant of limitations, Far exceeds past martial arts experiences and Excellent technique knowledge, skill and ability. It is fun, too. Have learned great deal. Appreciate individuality. Am lucky. I plan to continue for years.” – J.G. *

“Andrea…That was amazing! I know that I am not quite a ‘human weapon’ as yet, but I think I have a chance. With your instruction. I will see you again on the date/time we set …” – Thomas M. *

“Andrea has been an amazing instructor as I’ve progressed in my skills. She was able to convey things to me well as a novice as well as adapt her communications when I progressed in skills and proficiency. She is always encouraging. Her classes have always been innovative, tough, balanced, and motivational.” – Vincent F. *

“We had a great time yesterday…. I am glad we both went to the seminar. You gave us so much great information…. Thanks again.” – Jodi S. *

“I highly recommend the MMA Conditioning. Great way to release stress from the week. The offers a great cardio workout. My overall striking techniques have improved greatly while taking this. If you are continually tired after hitting a bag nonstop for 30 seconds, then this is for you. You will see positive results in technique and endurance after just a few MMA Conditioning sessions. The instructor keeps the pace up, while offering the best instruction.” – Chris C. *

More testimonials are available on the Executive Facebook Page and for Andrea Tabei via LinkedIn.

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