Krav Maga Level Five Curriculum

[row][column size=’col-md-6′ ] Full Nelson Defense

  • Leverage on finger
  • Throw/flip forward
  • Sweep

Throws and Sweeps

  • Shoulder throw
  • Hip throw, 3 variations
  • Sacrifice throw


  • Choke mounted on back
  • Triangle choke

[/column][column size=’col-md-6′ ]
Knife Defenses

  • Knife held, static
  • Behind, shoulder held (left and right turn)
  • Hostage from behind, knife to throat
  • Hostage, knife against throat from front (and against wall)
  • Hostage, against wall, knife at distance
  • Hostage from behind, knife in ribs
  • Knife, attacker in guard
  • Knife, attacker mounted, knife at throat
  • Knife, attacker mounted, stabbing


  • From behind with distance
  • Hostage from behind, gun to side or back of head
  • Hostage pinned against wall, face to wall
  • Hostage from behind, gun to side of body
  • Hostage arm held, gun in ribs being led
  • Hostage from behind on knees
  • Hostage face down, gunman mounted on back
  • Handgun takedown (shoulder held or shoved)
  • Handgun takedown from behind (shoulder held or shoved)

Long Gun

  • Long gun front, live and dead side
  • Long gun behind
  • Slung Long gun takedown
  • Bayonet stab

Handgun Rentention

  • Holster grab from front
  • Holster grab from side
  • Gun out, grab from front or side
  • Gun out, grab from behind
  • Supine

3rd Party Handgun

  • Beside victim (facing shooter, back to shooter, victim being walked)
  • Behind shooter
  • Behind victim
  • Victim as hostage, gun to head
  • Victim as hostage, gun pointed at you


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