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MMA Training Certified

MMA Conditioning: Combat Drills, SAQ, TRX, KettleBells, Medicine Balls, Ropes, Plyometrics, Bodyweight Exercises, Explosive Power, Mental Training, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Flexibility, Aerobic Conditioning, Anaerobic Conditioning, Proprioceptive Training, Sports Nutrition, Striking Skill Development

This training aids you in the pursuit of overall fitness, physical attribute targets, muscle building, flexibility, agility and striking skills. The training focus and material is done on a rotating basis. Overtime, this training will include: suspension training, bag sets, aerobic and anaerobic activities, Muay Thai pad work, partner and solo drills, focus mitt work, strength and conditioning exercises, bodyweight training, techniques for ground, multi-tool and equipment usage, striking and grappling development, and building of flexibility, agility, power and speed. This training is open to all students of any level. The instructor is a certified MMA Conditioning Coach.

“I highly recommend the MMA Conditioning. Great way to release stress from the week. The training offers a great cardio workout. My overall striking techniques have improved greatly while taking this. If you are continually tired after hitting a bag nonstop for 30 seconds, then this is for you. You will see positive results in technique and endurance after just a few MMA Conditioning sessions. The instructor keeps the pace up, while offering the best instruction.” – Chris C. *

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Training available in McKinney and Flower Mound.

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