Handgun Training

Handgun training is available for any level of shooter. Brand new to shooting? Get very comfortable with handguns, safety, shooting stance and aim, drawing, field stripping a handgun (disassembling/reassembling) and moving while shooting and live fire.

If you need to use your concealed carry to defend yourself, the incident will typically take place within 10 feet of you or less. You need to be able to make decisions, draw and defend against combatives under stress so that you can get to your carry. These are some of the items, tactical relevance and more that are covered for more proficient shooters.

The trainer is a NRA Expert Level Handgun Instructor. Contact at 469-777-6621 by call or text for more information or use our contact form.

More advanced training available.

Defensive Handgun Prep Class

Defensive Handgun Live-Fire Training Level 1

Defensive Handgun Live-Fire Training Level 2

Defensive Handgun Live-Fire Training Level 3

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