Knife Defense & Use

Knife Defense & Use

Learning basic knife defense is vital. Knives, and all edged weapons are very dangerous. These can be anything from a kitchen knife to a screwdriver to a pair of scissors or any number of makeshift weapons. No matter how well trained you may think you are it is always best to avoid a knife wielding attacker. Even if you carry a side arm you may not be safe; in close range a knife often beats a gun. You need to have in your arsenal self-defense techniques for all types of attacks. You might have two options: defend and fight back or escape. If you cannot escape then you must fight back and defend yourself. You must defend with the environment in mind and also understand how an edged weapon is used, or can be used, in order to execute a more suitable defense.

Note: Practice is required. As they say in the IDF, “Hard in training, easy in combat”.

What is a Safe Distance from a Knife?

If the knife is close enough for you to see it, you are in danger. A knife wielding attacker can cover ground very quickly and be on top of you before you can draw a handgun if you have one. Sgt. Dennis Tueller, of the Salt Lake City Police Department, conducted experiments which led to the conclusion that an attacker with a knife can cover 21 feet in 1.5 seconds therefore anything closer than 21 feet is considered to be in the zone of “imminent danger of death or great bodily harm”. If you know the person has a knife, you must react at once – either fight or make your orderly retreat.

Why Train in Knife Defense?

Some people might ask, “Why should I even address this issue? I will never fight an attacker with a knife. Even If I am confronted with one, I will just comply and give in to their demands, so why should I train?” The answer is that sometimes giving up without a fight is not an option. How many times were people killed because they gave in without a fight, thinking that resistance would only make matters worse? What if they want to take your kids or your spouse? Sometimes you have no choice. Sometimes you cannot run away.

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*Wear comfortable workout attire and footwear or BDUs and boots. Groin protection is recommended. You may want to bring a water bottle and towel as well. All other equipment will be provided for you. *If you have your own training weapon or equipment, you are welcome to use it. (*Subject to instructor approval.)

Private Lessons Available on This Topic: 469-777-6621

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