Krav Maga and Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Department Personnel and Emergency Medical Service Teams

Targeted training modules and sessions are available for departments and agencies.

Executive Self-defense and Fitness, LLC (ESDF) is proud to recognize the following Agencies and Departments who have been clients and participated in ESDF professional training programs.

Participants with Specialized Training from ESDF:
• Collin County Sheriff’s Department (TX)
• McKinney PD (TX)
• Nevada FD (TX)

Responders and LE Officials, from the following areas, who train or have participated:
• Forney PD (TX)
• Terrell PD (TX)
• McKinney PD (TX)
• Balch Springs PD (TX)
• Allen PD (TX)
• Collin County Sheriff’s Dept. (TX)
• Little Elm FD (TX)
• Coppell FD (TX)
• McKinney FD (TX)
• Federal (Undisclosed)

Krav Maga is the world’s most street and battle tested self-defense system, and it is very adaptable. Law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard concerning use of force, and may need to have a different end game in mind compared to the average citizen protecting themselves. This training will consider the use of force and response to resistance from the law enforcement perspective. Part of the adaptation for law enforcement includes arrest and control techniques created around the combatives and concepts. A well trained officer can end violent encounters more safely and quickly, and using such concepts, he/she can often gain control of suspects before they have a chance to violently resist.

The system uses natural body motions and reactions therefore it is more easily learned, retained and require less review. Krav Maga has been praised by defensive tactics instructors from local, state and federal levels of law enforcement. Over 500 agencies in the United States alone use this system to provide real-world effectiveness and defensible applications of reasonable force. Officer safety is key and the approach is to quickly stop the conflict and get control as soon as possible.

Executive Self-defense and Fitness’ LEO and First Responder Training

  • Believes that the Officer’s safety is paramount
  • Keeps in mind the use-of-force and liability issues facing law enforcement
  • Aims to provide real-world effectiveness and defensible applications of reasonable force
  • Takes the approach of stopping the problem and taking safe control as quickly as possible
  • Provides techniques to deal with compliant, resistive, assaultive/high risk and life threatening situations
  • Curriculum has been divided into different areas and topics of training

ESDF provides Seminars (end-user training), Private Courses, weekly in house and in department training classes and Customized Courses to meet your needs.

Krav Maga is particularly relevant to modern-day law enforcement because most agencies cannot afford the luxury of prolonged training courses for their personnel. Krav Maga is quick, effective and both easily learned and retained. No defensive tactics system in the world is more street and battle-tested than Krav Maga.

According to law enforcement instructors who have undergone Krav Maga training with ESDF, the most important and striking characteristics of the system are:

  • Retention of training
  • Practical techniques
  • Performance under stress
  • Reality based

These all must be considered in the development of any defensive tactics program.

ESDF is glad to provide you and your agency with regular weekly training, in studio or in department, or a specialized training seminar. We can customize any training to meet your needs.

These seminars provide excellent hands-on intensive training and offer a chance to view the system’s effectiveness. Training seminars generally range from one to five days in length. Please remember, these seminars can be customized and are designed to suit the needs of your agency.

Interested in a Train-the-Trainer program? Please send an inquiry using the information below:

For details please call 469-777-6621 or email [email protected].

What do officers have to say about the training they receive with Executive Self-defense and Fitness, LLC?

“I’ve been a police officer for 20 years. In 20 years my law enforcement career has provided minimal defensive tactics training. I began a search on my own for something that would supplement the basic training I’ve been exposed to through my career. What I’ve found with Andrea Tabei at Executive Self-defense and Fitness has proved to be far more than a supplement!

Andrea is on point with relevant training designed to better prepare me for the next potential violent encounter I may face. This is tough, real world training that I would highly recommend to anyone, not just my law enforcement brothers and sisters.” – R. Harrison

“After sitting behind the desk for over 15 years, I found myself overweight, out of shape, and left with a feeling of vulnerability in my abilities to protect myself, my family, and my brothers and sister in red and blue. I created this situation through the lack of continued training in defensive tactics and through the failure to maintain a proper fitness level that is necessary to do the job. Since I began my training at ESDF, I have gained both the confidence to perform my protective duties as a father, husband, and public servant, as well as, positioned my self in a state of fitness that I haven’t seen since I was last in the field. Andrea provides an unintimidating learning environment while teaching practical techniques in self defense that can be used on the job or on the streets and encourages physical health and fitness through the variety of programs that she offers at ESDF.” – B. Roach

LEO DT at Executive Self-defense and Fitness, LLC

This training is available on location for your department or agency or in studio in McKinney, Texas.

Email [email protected] or call 469-777-6621 to obtain more information about current training opportunities or to inquire about training for your department or agency.

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