Body Armor Now Available at Executive Self-defense
BackPack Inserts and Bags

*Body Armor for Youth, Adults and LE/Fire
*Very Lightweight and Flexes with Body Movement
*Armor Inserts for all Youth and Adult Backpacks/Bags
*TSA Approved
*Pistol, Shotgun and Knife/slash defense – Rifle rated armor available also
*Reasonably priced
*Many products available: messenger bags, seat covers, backpacks and inserts, pet/service animal vests, carrier plates and more
*Manufacturer warranty on core
*Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor NIJ Standard 0101.06
 Executive Self-defense is an authorized dealer of Veterans MFG products.
Veterans MFG
Email [email protected] for more information and ordering or call 314-764-5728. Sample available to view.

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