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Punches / Strikes

  • Hook
  • Uppercut
  • Muay Thai elbows
  • Disorientation Slap
  • Brachial Plexus Strike

Kicks / Knees

  • Advancing front kick from fight stance & neutral
  • Side kick – defensive and advancing
  • Back Kick – defensive and advancing
  • Uppercut Back kick
  • Knee Slap

Punch / defenses

  • Slipping
  • Catching
  • Uppercut defense
  • Outside defenses with counters
  • Inside defenses with counters
  • Inside defense, wrong hand

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Kick defenses

  • Roundhouse defense – shin (checking)
  • Roundhouse defense with front kick
  • Front kick defense – shin
  • Roundhouse absorbing
  • High straight kick defense (front or side kick)
  • Swim defense (for middle stomp, back and side kick)

Krav techniques

  • Hair grab, front
  • Hair grab, side – pulling to punch, pulling to knee
  • Hair grab, opposite side/behind
  • Carotid choke (from behind dropping, handshake & shoulder pop)
  • Carotid choke defense (3 variations)
  • Bear hug from front, arms trapped
  • Bear hug from front, arms free head up
  • Bear hug from front, arms free tackle
  • Bear hug from rear, arms trapped
  • Bear hug from rear, arms free
  • Bear hugs lifting, front and rear


  • Kick defense (stomp and punt)
  • Forward Roll
  • Rocking Kick
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Stripping caught foot – twisting both directions & pulling
  • Ground combatives (punching, elbows, knees from guard, mount and
    side control)
  • Side mount disengage (knee to belly)
  • Shrimping
  • Choke, attacker kneeling at side
  • Escape from guard, leg press


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