CHL / LTC Training Class


9am to 3:30pm, at the Executive Self-defense and Fitness studio in McKinney (115 Aero Country Rd, McKinney, TX 75071).

Dates available listed here: Seminars and Events

RSVP and pay the $40 deposit to TCCI at or at the Executive SDF studio.

Licensed Police Firearms Instructors prepare you for the carrying of a concealed handgun. Professionals who have been instructing for 18 years. Who would you want testifying on your behalf if it became necessary?

The Texas Department of Public Safety currently requires a minimum of 4 to 6 hours not including range time. TCCI classes average 6 hours with range for an original license. The majority of the class is the law and other aspects of carrying a handgun for self defense.

The class fee is $89.00. Don’t be fooled by the internet coupons! Many places are advertising cheap classes, what they don’t tell you is that is the classroom only and doesn’t include the range qualification. They then charge you 50 or 60 dollars to qualify and you have to come back on a weekday morning. We are one price one 6 hour class!

You can go the State website to fill out you application. Going to the State website will speed up you applicaiton process.You pay us for the training and pay the State for the license. For State Fee’s, see their FAQ’s.


*Classes will start at the range at 9AM. You will receive instruction on location and we will then qualify. Once we have completed the shooting we will proceed to the classroom for the remainder of the class. You will receive the range address and detailed instructions on how to get to the range which is in McKinney on private property the day before class. The location is only 6 minutes away from the studio.

Final class instructions will be emailed the day before the class. It is important for you to check that email.

Since you’re taking the Original LTC we recommend you go to the State website and complete the online application. You can prepay the State for your license, or send payment later after completing the class. This will expedite the application process. If you cannot access the internet we will help you at class and get you an application. For online application go to:
We recommend making your fingerprint appointment when your online with the state when prompted.

You don’t need the application completed to take the class.


  • A Handgun .32 caliber or larger – You can use a semiautomatic or revolver. We have semiautomatic handguns for class if you don’t have a handgun that meets the criteria.
  • At least 50 rounds of ammunition we recommend 100 rounds.
  • Hearing and eye protection – we have loaners available

This ESDF event is being brought to you in partnership with the great people at

RSVP and pay the $40 deposit to TCCI at or at the Executive SDF studio.

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