Handgun Retention Seminar Class

handgun retention trainingSeminar Participant Comments

“Great class. I really liked how we got reps with different partners….”

“Thanks Andrea. I enjoyed the seminar. I liked the experience of interacting with individuals of different experience levels and body sizes…. I will definitely contact you for future training. I felt you were awesome and a great instructor. Thanks!”

“Great class as always. Picked up some great points. Looking forward to doing some more training.”

“Really enjoyed the class. Look forward to doing some additional training in the future.”

This class is designed to help you maintain control of your handgun in close quarters when someone is attempting to take it! Sometimes you need to regain control!

Information and Registration: https://www.facebook.com/events/2620459264728871/

Registration Link Only: HERE

Date and Time: Saturday 2/29/20

Cost: $45.00


McKinney, TX

Bring: workout clothing and shoes or BDUs and soft-soled boots, means of hydration, towel, groin protection, mouth piece (optional), handgun or Blueguns (handguns must be triple checked prior to use in drills – Do not bring ammo to this course. If a handgun is brought, your weapon and bags will both be checked.), side holster, belt and MMA gloves if you have them.

*Some training weapons are available for use at the studio, but may not fit all holsters. Some gloves are available for use at the studio as well.

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