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This Handgun Cleaning & Maintenance Class is perfect for both the brand new gun owner and veteran shooter alike. Proper inspection, cleaning and maintenance is critical in ensuring your firearm works properly when you need it, and will continue to function throughout the years.

Our Certified Armorist will guide you through the proper cleaning, care and maintenance of your handgun. A supply list is supplied below. No ammo allowed in clinic. A safety triple check will be in place.

What you will learn about your handgun:

  • Takedown to basic large components
  • Some magazine disassembly (depending upon model)
  • How to clean and lube weapon
  • Reassembly of weapon
  • Function check of weapon
  • Discussion of general storage guidelines, maintenance guidelines and cleaning schedule

What to bring to the class:

A lot of these items can be purchased in a kit at stores carrying handgun supplies, but not all kits are the same. Below is a more specific list of items you will need to bring.

  • Gun cleaner *Do NOT bring anything not specifically designed for firearm cleaning.
  • Gun oil (Shooters Choice or Hoppe’s Elite preferred) *Do NOT bring anything not specifically designed for firearm lubrication.
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 30 to 40 Patches 2″x 2″ – No synthetic patches allowed – only cotton. Available at Academy, Bass Pro Shops or Cabellas. Tipton, Otis and Hoppe’s brands are recommended.
  • Soft lint free cloth or hand towel
  • Silicone cloth (optional)
  • Q-tips – 12 or more
  • Nylon brush or toothbrush
  • Unloaded handgun in case or carried in a bag

The following items will be available to borrow at the seminar class if you do not have them: bore snakes, cleaning rods and long q-tips.

Safety is Paramount

A triple check security system is in place for any course regarding handguns/rifles/shotguns taught by ESDF. Do not bring ammo to this course. You will need to present your gun for inspection prior to entry to the facility. Your gun, person and bag(s) will be checked three times to ensure no live ammo is brought in – once by you, once by your instructor and once by another staff member. You will need to ensure and show that there is no ammo in your bags, pockets or elsewhere. If you leave the classroom area and exit the building, upon your return, you will need to be cleared again for re-entry. Bring your handgun in a bag, box or carrier.

You will sign a liability waiver prior to the start of the class.

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