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Executive Self-defense and Fitness Training MA


Types of classes, training and seminars offered at Executive Self-defense and Fitness:

Krav Maga Self-defense Against Unarmed & Armed Attackers

Krav Maga and Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement

Youth Krav Maga / Self-defense Training

Arnis Stick Fighting, Knife Fighting & Weapon Retention

FIGHT Training

Ground Defenses, Grappling, Takedowns & Throws

Tactical Pen & Force Multipliers

Joint Locks & Pressure Points

Weapons Defenses & Disarms

MMA Conditioning & Skill Building

Striking & Fight Skill Development

Non-contact Martial Arts Style Workout Available

Primal Move Natural Movement Development


*Private lessons and seminars are available in studio, at your workplace, in home or in office. Call 469-777-6621 for more information or to schedule.