Krav Maga Level Five Curriculum


  • Full Nelson Defense
    • Leverage on finger
    • Throw/flip forward
    • Sweep
  • Throws/takedowns
    • One arm shoulder throw
    • Hip throw
    • Sacrifice throw
    • Dumps – throw, forward, reverse
    • Sweeps – roundhouse and heel
  • Ground
    • Choke mounted on back
    • Head slam defense (mounted on back)
    • Reverse kick from ground
  • Knife Defenses
    • Slashing
    • Left on left straight stab
    • Hostage from behind, knife to throat
    • Hostage, knife against throat from front
    • Hostage, knife against throat, against wall
    • Hostage against wall, knife held at distance
    • Knife held, static
    • Behind, shoulder held (left and right turn)
    • Sudden stab from right side, straight, over and underhand
  • Handgun
    • From behind with distance
    • Hostage pinned against wall, facing wall
    • Hostage from behind, gun to side or back of head
    • Hostage from behind, gun to side of body
    • Hostage from behind, on knees
    • Hostage face down, gunman mounted on back
    • Across table
    • From front, shoulder being pushed/held (machine gun takedown)
    • From behind, shoulder being held, walking (machine gun takedown)
  • Long Gun
    • Machine gun takedown
    • Machine gun takedown from behind
    • Long gun front, dead side
    • Long gun front, live side
    • Long gun behind
    • Bayonet stab


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The composite Executive Self-defense and Fitness curriculum is available to current students.