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[row][column size=’col-md-6′ ] Kicks/Combatives

  • Superman punch
  • Hooking backfist
  • Jump back kick
  • Advancing front kick to the upper
  • Switch kick – roundhouse
  • Heel hook kick
  • Roundhouse with heel kick
  • Axe kick to downed opponent
  • Reverse kick from the ground

Kick Defenses

  • Sliding defense against high round house and spinning hook

Krav techniques

  • Headlock, taking to ground
  • Headlock, breaking back
  • Headlock, attacker jumping on back
  • Neck Crank

Knife Defenses

  • over hand
  • under hand
  • Straight stab
  • Shank defense
  • Hockey punch
  • Slashing

[/column][column size=’col-md-6′ ] Handgun Defenses

  • Gun from front, shoulder held or punched
  • Gun, left side of head
  • Gun from side in front of arm, touching
  • Gun from front, pushing into stomach
  • Gun from behind, touching
    • Side of head, towards back of head
    • Side, behind arm
    • Behind, walking


  • Sprawls
  • Simple takedown
  • double leg
  • toe pick
  • Knee Spike
  • Elbow Entry Takedown
  • Sweeps; roundhouse and heel


  • Rear naked choke
  • Defense for rear naked choke
  • Arm Triangle
  • Kamorah, from guard and side mount
  • Americana
  • Straight arm lock
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