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Head Instructor, A. Tabei, teaches both defenses and uses of the following weapons: handgun, knife (double, single, karambit), machete, blunt objects, long gun, automatic weapon, tactical pen, force multipliers, batons, tomahawk…

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Weapons Training at Executive Self-defense and Fitness, LLC

FMA is used by the Navy SEALS and the Russian Spetsnaz as their primary blade system.

Modern Arnis is the system of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) founded by the late Remy Presas as a self-defense system. It is derived principally from the traditional Presas family style of the Bolo (machete) and the stick-dueling art of Balintawak Eskrima, with influences from other Filipino and Japanese martial arts. Training covers empty-hand self-defense (striking, locking, throwing, etc.) as well as the trademark single and double stick techniques of the Filipino martial arts. Other aspects of the art include espada y daga (sword and dagger fighting), sinawali (double stick weaving patterns), and tapi-tapi (locking drills with the stick). Emphasis is placed on fitting the art in with a student’s previous training (“the art within your art”), smoothly reacting to changing situations in the fight (“the flow”), and countering the opponent’s attempt to counter strikes directed at him (“tapi-tapi”). All of these skills translate well to other weapons and compliment your fight, self-defense and tactical training.

Arnis weapons training skills carry over to many other tactical weapons and everyday objects.


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Executive Self-defense and Fitness is an affiliate of the

International Arnis De Leon Federation.